History of Maaldrink Vermeulen

    Since 1912

    H.G. van Nouhuys was appointed a civil-law notary on 1 January, 1912. In 1970, G.L. Maaldrink joined the firm which his father had taken over in 1955. A.H. Vermeulen joined Maaldrink c.s. on January 1 in 1977. Since 1 October 2012 the firm is called Maaldrink Vermeulen. Since 1 January 2015 there are no longer civil-law notaries at Maaldrink Vermeulen.

    Traditional view

    Because of the firm’s extensive history Maaldrink Vermeulen has a traditional view on practising law. The advocates at Maaldrink Vermeulen have a broad and profound knowledge of most areas of the law. Out of corporate social responsibility Maaldrink Vermeulen has always chosen to accept cases on a pro bono basis.