More than 100 years of practical experience

The firm goes back to 1912. Years of experience in providing legal services make Maaldrink Vermeulen a sound and reliable partner. We regard legal services as a craft. We give high priority to quality and coach our junior attorneys to become skilled professionals.

Involved and accessible

We attach great importance to direct and personal contact with our clients. This is reflected by our thorough knowledge of and interest in our clients’ personal, social and commercial backgrounds. The attorneys of Maaldrink Vermeulen work with short lines of communication internally and with our clients. In principle, our clients always deal with one and the same person at our firm.

Competitive rates

We are well aware that engaging an attorney can be costly. Our rates are therefore very competitive, without compromising the quality of our service. Where possible and desirable, we are willing to agree to fixed prices.

Full service

Clients who choose our firm get full service because our lawyers are skilled in almost every area of the law including Supreme Court litigation.

Ton Vermeulen

Cassation and Civil Litigation

Property Law

Corporate Law

Labour Law

Law Governing Compulsory Purchases

Succession Law/Estate Planning

Alistair Knol

Owners Association Law

Property Law

Insurance Law

Disciplinary Law

Tony Vermeulen

(International) commercial contracts

(Internationale) arbitration

Shareholder disputes

Insolvency law

Property law (incl. shipping mortgages)

Competition litigation (incl. cartel damages claims)