Alexander van den Heuvel

Mr Drs G.H.A. (Alexander) van den Heuvel studied history in Leiden, after which he worked for the UN for a number of years (including in Israel and Eritrea). After returning to the Netherlands, he worked for the IND for several years, during which period he studied law at the Open University and the University of Utrecht (cum laude). He also completed a post academic specialization course in Employment Law at Leiden University.

After working independently as a lawyer for 8 years, he was sworn in as an attorney and registered at the Dutch Bar Association in January 2024 and he joined the offices of Maaldrink Vermeulen. Mr Van den Heuvel works in the general civil law practice with a specialization in employment law, and in the administrative law practice, in particular in the field of immigration and alien law.

Mr Van den Heuvel speaks English, Hebrew and French at working level.