Joanna Szczerbak

Joanna Szczerbak obtained at the beginning of 2013 her law degree at Warsaw University (Poland). The Minister of Education, Culture and Science has given her permission to use the title of master of law in the Netherlands. Since 2013 she has worked for 4 years as a lawyer at various law firms at The Hague. Mid-2017 she successfully completed the Proof of Competence at the Radboud University at Nijmegen.

1 December 2017 she joined Maaldrink Vermeulen and at the end of January 2018 she became a member of The Hague Bar.

Joanna Szczerbak specializes in Civil Litigation, with an emphasis on corporate law, employment law, property law and personal and family law.

Because of her Polish law degree, Joanna Szczerbak also advises on Polish law. She is therefore well equipped to assist Polish entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

I partner with my clients to fully understand their goals and work relentlessly to ensure they get the best result possible, whatever the situation.