Manon van Voorst tot Voorst

With a degree from Leiden University Manon van Voorst qualified as a lawyer more than 30 years ago, and for the last 25 years she has specialised in divorce proceedings and aspects of inheritance law. She is also a qualified divorce mediator.

In her divorce law and mediation practice Manon focuses on settling marital property disputes, including disputes on set-off clauses in prenuptial agreements/marriage contracts and asset splits after a separation. Her expertise includes advice on existing prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements prior to separation or divorce proceedings.

In inheritance cases Manon expertly guides heirs through the probate process and further settlement of the estate.

I defend my clients’ interests energetically and with great tenacity. I always establish the strategy in close consultation with my clients. My cases are often sensitive and I am mindful that they are handled with due regard for personal circumstances and preferences.